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Volteco provides a solution for any construction waterproofing application.
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Treatment of damp walls

Walls which are not protected by barrier systems are often attacked by rising damp.<br/>Rising damp is a serious problem: it is not only unsightly and compromises the structural and hydro-thermal performance of the wall, but also affects the salubriousness of the house itself.

Protection of terraces and coverings

Old terraces, balconies and sun roofs, cracked and damaged by freeze/thaw cycles, can be restored WITHOUT THE NEED TO DEMOLISH THEM, thanks to Volteco's patented AQUASCUD system.

Facade Restoration

Volteco provides high performance waterproofing solutions employing polymeric cementitious liners which are waterproof, breathable, elastic and thus highly deformable, and offer a definitive solution for damaged plastered facades.

Waterproofing of basements

Volteco offers a wide range of waterproofing cement solutions for cellars, garages and underground spaces in general.<br/>The PLASTIVO system is a cutting edge solution for waterproofing and protecting surfaces.

Waterproofing of pools and tanks

Sunk swimming pools, tanks and canals are always in contact with water and chemical agents. They need waterproofing which can resist positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, and are subject to infiltration caused by movement and settling.

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